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Shtr - Keep it Shorter with Shtr

A link Shorter containing lots of features for free.


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Shtr is a powerful, free, open-source, and self hosting url shortner. Shtr includes many pro features like password protection, bot detection (coming soon), qr code generation, and many more.


Deploy Deploy Deploy on Railway Deploy with Vercel


  1. Opensource and free Shtr is an open source url shortner available under MIT License.

  2. Easy to install Shtr provide simple installation for the following platform. Deploy Deploy Deploy on Railway Deploy with Vercel

  3. Bulk Shortening Shorten more than one links at a time. You can upload csv file containing the links to shorten them at once. Bulk Shortening in Shtr

  4. Password Protection You can protect your short links from unauthorized access by setting a password. password protection

  5. QR Code Generation You can share the short links with the QR code provided by shtr. In future releases, user's will be able to customize the look of the QR code according to their brand (this will be done within this week). Generating qr code

  6. API Users can easily create short urls using the API too. Manage api tokens

  7. Multiple Users The Admin can add multiple users who can shorten links. manage users

  8. Detailed analytics You can view from which country, device, and browser the link was visited and which was the referral website.

image.png image.png image.png

  1. Internationalization Currently, Shtr is available in two languages. I'm planning to make it available in more than 10 languages. image.png

and many more are there.


Ashik Chapagain