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Create a stunning landing page for your Youtube channel in seconds


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Chivel helps you generate a website for your Youtube channel in matter of seconds.

Just let Chivel know your Youtube channel and choose a custom subdomain such as or and a super fast and SEO friendly website gets generated in the blink of a eye just for you.

Once a website is created, you get many options to customize it such as editing the Navbar, Analytics, adding announcement panels, etc..



  1. Unique subdomain that suits your channel name
    eg: [subdomain]

  2. Create multiple sites for multiple channels

  1. Homepage Homepage

  2. Authentication page Authentication page

  3. User's Dashboard User's Dashboard

  4. Adding a channel Adding a channel

  5. Confriming channel info Confriming channel info

  6. Channel Dashboard Channel Dashboard

  7. Snippet Injection Snippet Injection

  8. Navbar customization Navbar customization

  9. Announcements Announcements

  10. Landing Page Landing Page


Ashik Chapagain


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